Proper care and maintenance of your freezer will not only improve efficiency and performance, but will save energy dollars, and help your food contents to last longer.

Location of Your Freezer

Placing your freezer directly near a heat source, outside in warm climates, or where the sun will shine on it, will cause it to work harder than it needs to - increasing energy costs. Find a cool, level and dry space, with adequate clearance at the back for good air circulation, and room overhead or to the side to open the freezer door.

Care & Maintenance
Check the seal occasionally to ensure proper sealing. If the seal is not adequate, the door may require an adjustment or the seal may need to be replaced.
Defrost and clean the freezer regularly. Ice build-up will lower it's efficiency.
Safeguard your small children by keeping freezers locked.
Vacuum any exposed condensor coils regularly to ensure proper air circulation.
Keep temperature constant to keep food from spoiling.
Label and date food contents for quick retrieval, and ensure that foods are properly rotated.
These tips are general in nature; consult your owner's manual for specific care guidelines.

Question: Why is My Refrigerator Light Not Coming On?
Why is my refrigerator light not coming on when the door is open?
Answer: If your refrigerator light is not coming on, it may be that the bulb is burned out. Check the bulb to see if it has a dark area in the bulb or broken and loose filament. When you shake the bulb, you'll hear a rattling noise if filaments inside are damaged. You can purchase special bulbs for appliances, usually 25 watt, at your local hardware or merchandise store. Unplug your refrigerator, change the bulb and hopefully this will solve this problem.

If your bulb is fine but the light just doesn't come on when the door is open, the possible cause could be a stuck button. The light is operated by a plunger-type button - when the door opens, it releases and the light is activated. Over time, these buttons can become 'stuck' from a build up of dust or dirt and require a simple cleaning with a cloth and warm sudsy water to loosen it.

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